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BioBlend PO 500 Grams approx (US 16 Oz)

BioBlend PO s an excellent penetrating oil and general purpose lubricant that is formulated from readily biodegradable base stocks and proprietary additives. BioBlend PO has superior wetting ability and a high affinity for metal surfaces. These properties offer superior penetration to enable the loosening of frozen, rusted or stuck components. The environmentally friendly solvents used are excellent for dissolving dirt, grease and removing

debris, while leaving a light lubricating film which helps control corrosion. As with any solventtype product, care should be taken when using around certain plastics, foam rubbers, urethanes, and painted surfaces as they can be incompatible. Available in liquid or aerosol.

Key Attributes:

• Helps protect metal surfaces from corrosion

• Excellent water displacement properties

• Cuts through dirt, grease and grime

• Good lubricating properties

• Affinity for metal promotes fast penetrating action

• Use BioBlend PO in place of Liquid Wrench™, PB Blaster™ or similar products for an

environmentally friendly alternative

Price:  Rs. 294.00 per Unit 
*Taxes and transportation extra

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