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BioGear EP 220 20 Ltr approx (US 5GAL)

BioGear EP is a series of readily biodegradable extreme pressure gear lubricants designed for a variety of industrial and mobile equipment applications. Each grade of BioGear EP is designed to replace standard gear lubes within the AGMA grades. The BioGear EP series offers excellent thermal and oxidation stability and reduces operating temperatures to ensure superior service life with minimal gear, shaft, and bearing wear, all in a readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly formula.

Applications & Industries: To be used in industrial gear applications across a wide range of industries. Use in

equipment where a release into the environment is possible, where the authorities have mandated the usage of an EAL, or where a leak or spill could reach a waste stream.

Price:  Rs. 6,449.00  per Pail
*Taxes and transportation extra

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