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BioLube RDP 100 20 Ltr approx (US 5 GAL)

BioLube RDP are readily biodegradable, heavy duty rock drill lubricants designed to meet the requirements of pneumatic tools, down-hole and surface drilling equipment. They are formulated with high viscosity index

vegetable base oil, anti wear additives, and corrosion protection. The high viscosity index provides superior lubrication in a working hammer. BioLube RD/RDP’s natural polarity and tackiness allows the lubricant to adhere to tooling surfaces, further reducing corrosion and wear in the presence of compressed air.

Applications & Industries: To be used in down the hole drilling applications within a variety of industries: oil and gas drilling, mining, water well drilling, geothermal drilling, pile driving, construction, etc. Use in equipment where a release into the environment is possible, where the authorities have mandated the usage of an EAL, or where a leak or spill could reach a waste stream.

Price:  Rs. 5,999.00  per Pail 
*Taxes and transportation extra

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