OWS Technical Services

 Specialized Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

OWS Technical Services is the Exclusive Technology Licensee of the Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology for Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

The dynamic range of Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology products are recognized as the global standard for complete decontamination in refining and petrochemical applications. In a single step, pyrophoric Iron sulfide, Hydrogen sulfide, LEL's, and Benzene are eliminated. The chemistry is wastewater friendly, with a near neutral pH and compatible with all metallurgies and process equipment.

From single vessel decontamination to full plant shutdowns, Zyme-Flow Decon Technology gets the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.

Advantages of Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology

  •  Global Expertise

Zyme-Flow® Decon Technology is based on almost three decades of extensive research and development in the US. It is the technology of choice in over 100 refineries in the US, UK, Middle East, Japan and now in India.

  • Single Step process

We use a single application chemical capable of eliminating H2S, Benzene, LELs and neutralizing pyrophoric.

  • Time

Refineries save up to 50% on existing decontamination time by switching to Zyme-Flow® Decon technology.

  • Environment

OWS Technical Services uses chemicals that are 100% biodegradable

  • Safety

Zyme-Flow® is safe for personnel, plant equipment and the environment. Non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable, it contains no volatile compounds and has no flammability concerns. Unlike other products, Zyme-Flow does not form toxic by-products during the decontamination process and is non-exothermic.

  • Minimal waste generation

As the Zyme-Flow® Decon technology is primarily a Vapour-Phase® process, it generates minimal waste as compared to the (at times) 100s of tons of waste water generated due to traditional re- circulation systems.

     The Most Effective       Decontamination

  • Eliminates H2S, LEL, and Benzene

  • Eliminates Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide

  • Effective in liquid and Vapour-Phase®

  • No emulsion breakers needed

  • Water can be discharged directly to waste water treatment plant

  • Significantly reduces temporary piping

  • Drastically reduces blinding

  • Process fully monitored