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Experienced Turnaround Planning Management

At OWS Technical Services, we contribute much of our success and zero recordable injuries to excellent turnaround planning management. Highly experienced decontamination planners work with refinery personnel to ensure tasks are managed and consistent with customer design limits and specifications while staying on schedule.

To aid in the safe execution of the shutdown, customized decontamination procedures, drawings, and timelines are provided to ensure the decontamination portion of the shutdown is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Planning services include an all-inclusive procedural manual containing proposal, guidelines, product information and step-by-step procedures along with a process hazard analysis to help eliminate potential releases or incidents.

Turnaround Planning Process

• Comprehensive interface with planners, operations, process engineering and supervisors

• On-site walk down of equipment and piping

• Integration of decontamination procedures into normal plant procedures

Pre-job identification of chemical injection points fully documented