OWS Technical Services

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'No Man Entry' Tank Cleaning Services

OWS Technical Services uses state-of-the-art robotics and in line processing equipment along with some of the most advanced chemistry in the world for breaking heavy and waxy oil. We thus eliminate the need for hazardous manual sludge removal.

Our process is known to be faster, safer and more efficient when compared to traditional methods of tank cleaning.

We also offer the only viable means of neutralizing all pyrophoric inside the tanks, thus guaranteeing safety.

We engineer solutions that require minimal retrofitting of the tank to achieve the maximum efficiency from the cleaning process.

Our process is flexible and reliable enough to be adapted for cleaning any tank in any service.


  • 'No Man Entry' Tank cleaning

  • Heavy Oil Breaker chemicals that practically eliminate tars        and asphalts on contact

  •  Eliminates H2S, LEL

  • Eliminates pyrophoric iron sulfide

  • Drastically reduces time required for tank cleaning

  • All chemicals are 100% biodegradable